Corporate Transactions

Corporate Transactions & Succession Planning

On a daily basis, businesses engage in a variety of transactions: cementing a new relationship, renegotiating terms with a supplier, buying or selling assets, or hiring an executive. Each of these transactions is important for your business, but, too often, the agreements to carry out a deal are hastily prepared and contain vague, poorly drafted provisions that ultimately pose more problems than they solve.

Our firm works with clients to understand the key parameters of every transaction. We then use that detail-oriented approach to prepare clear, understandable agreements that outline expectations for all parties involved and serve our clients in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

We also assist clients as they look to wind down their careers. For many business owners, achieving a certain level of success presents new challenges that were not previously envisioned, including how to transfer ownership of the company and how to facilitate a smooth leadership transition. Our firm understands the need for predictability and works with business clients to develop buy-sell agreements that make sense for an entity’s owners.  We also counsel clients on key considerations with respect to succession planning, whether the business expects to stay within a family or instead plans to bring in new blood so that it continues to thrive for years to come.