General Counsel

General Counsel & Risk Management

As general counsel to a variety of businesses and organizations in Southern Virginia and beyond, our firm provides ongoing support for clients on matters ranging from commercial transactions to employment matters to real estate negotiations and more. Our attorney works closely with senior management to understand an organization’s goals and concerns and develop the comprehensive, nuanced business and legal strategy necessary to achieve those goals and mitigate concerns.

The strength of this relationship allows our firm to assess and minimize risks for our clients more promptly and effectively, ultimately reducing time and financial costs that may have otherwise arisen for those clients.

Our creative approach to serving our clients extends to how we bill for our services. In response to the evolving needs of our clients, our firm offers general counsel services based on a flat, monthly rate that is recurring and predictable. We work with clients to determine their anticipated needs and estimate the likely costs of meeting those needs. In partnering with our clients, we agree – up front – that both sides will revisit our arrangement every six months to ensure that our fees reflect the work being performed for clients.